No. 6
O n a farm nestled within the Perthshire landscape, I met a couple full of passion, drive and commitment to their products and their ingredients. Ron and Judith Gillies of Cairn o’Mohr wines are dedicated to making the best tasting country wine they can, offering an alternative to the mainstream grape wines on the market.

What stands out about this couple is their detailed knowledge and appreciation of the wild harvested ingredients they use, especially elderberries. Ron has produced an e-map (elderberry map) marking where the sites for elderberries are to be found within Perthshire and further afield. He has observed the abundance(or lack of) of berries at these sites year after year and noted each new site found.

After witnessing the number of prolific sites decreasing, Ron started an elderberry plantation on the farm using cuttings taken from the best tasting elder bushes and the most abundant sites on his map.

These innovative strategies, for understanding both the ecology and the source of ingredients and taking action to create additional sources, are inspired.
Researcher, Scotland