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The international conference on Wild Forest Products in Europe took place in Barcelona on 13–14 October 2016!

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The book of abstracts of oral presentations.

The book of abstracts of posters.

Scientific Committee


Keynote presentation by Freerk Wiersum: Wild forest products between domestication and rewilding

Keynote presentation by Paul Vantomme: Wild Forest Products as food and feed: trends in production and in regulative systems

Session 1a: Planning and supported decision-making

Harald Vacik: Analysis of the Co-production of NWFPs and ecosystem services in European countries

Mikko Kurttila: Predicting the berry yields for North Karelia region, Finland

Patrick Huber: Managing for (N)WFPs – an assessment on the forest holding level

Session 1b: Institutions and innovative support

Irina Prokofieva: The evolution of institutions for non-wood forest products: an empirical study of harvesting practises across Europe

Enrico Vidale: Wild forest products supply chain and legislation: effects and proposals

Valentino Marini Govigli: Travel cost approaches to assess mushroom picking valie and policy interventions effects in Catalonia (Spain)

Session 2a: Domestication and WFP production

Margarida Tomé: Science supporting cork oak stands management : A stakeholders’ driven development of forest management support tools

Olaya Mediavilla: Effects of the bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens on the mycorrhization between Cistus ladanifer and Boletus edulis

Eleni Abraham: Effects of local factors on Thymus sibthorpii’s essential oils in mountainous area of northern Greece

Session 2b: Working with supply chains & networks

Davide Pettenella: Wild forest products international trade: which opportunities for the European market?

Riccardo De Re: Network typologies for promoting wild forest products economies: a comparative analysis of nine case studies

Matti Spiecker: Creation of an innovative Kenyan-European Macadamia nuts supply chain

Sven Mutke: From paradox to paradigm : The non-conventional innovation in natural resin

Jelena Nedeljković: Yield models for wild mushrooms in Pinus Sylvesteris and Pinus pinaster stands of northern Spain

Session 3a: Planning and supported decision-making

Burak Sari: Developing empirical models for predicting production of lime tree flowers (Tilia sp)

Mariola Sánchez-González: Yield models for wild mushrooms in Pinus Sylvesteris and Pinus pinaster stands of northern Spain

Johan Barstad: Meat me on the corner: Game theory dressed up in cyber clothing

Sessiob 3b: Social capital - collective action and collaboration

Jennifer Wong: Research in action - the essential role of stakeholder in the development of NWFP opprtunities

Isa Pelto: Scouting social innovation in the woods: collaborative strategies in Mediterranean non-wood forest products

Maria Wilding and Carmen Rodríguez: Social capital articulating moss picking in Wales: the role of networks and trust

Sessiob 4a: Silviculture

Mariola Sanchez-Gonzales: Optimising the management of Quercus Suber stands in Spain

Sergio de Miguel and Juan Antonio Bonet: "Linkages between mushroom production, forest growth and climate in Mediterranean Pinus pinaster forest stands"

Rafael Calama: Cone production in Pinus pinea forests facing climate change: proposals for adaptive management

João Freire:  Pinus pinea silviculture guidelines for cone production management in Portugal

Session 4b: Institutions and innovations support II

Gerhard Weiss: Wild forest products innovation patterns and their support needs: an analysis based on European case studies

Cosmin Coșofreț: Who owns wild forest products in Europe

Kalliopi Stara: Non Timber Forest Products Linguistic Diversity - The case of mushrooms

 Alice Ludvig: The Practice of Entrepreneurship: Support for Innovation on private forest land

 Anže Japelj: Innovating in the transition forestry: cases of non-timber forest products innovations in forestry sector in the South-East Europe

Session 5: Perceptions and knowledge

Elena Górriz Mifsud: Perception of harms and property rights shapes private forest owners views on wild mushroom picking policies

Marko Lovrić:  European household survey on consumption and collection of NWFPs

Veera Tahvanainen: The forest owners' view on berry and mushroom picking on private land in Finland

Irmgard Krisai‐Greilhuber: Non timber forest products: An ethnomycological study on mushroom knowledge in the Waldviertel, Austria

Ana Belén Noriega: Tastes from Sustainable Forests

Poster session

Rigas Tsiakiris: The 'Salep' traders of Pindos mountains in Greece

Sasa Vochl: The beaver paradox - Protected species, which might not need protection anymore?

Irina Prokofieva: Beyond wood: the state of non-wood forest products in Mediterranean Europe

Sven Mutke: Kernel yield loss in Mediterranean stone pine cones

Sven Mutke: Damage assessment in pine nuts from stone pine caused by Leptoglossus Occidentalis and pathogenic agents

Seung-Yeon Byun: Consumer perception on wild forest products in South Korea

Kyung-Taek Min 8 Current status of forest farming in South Korea

Choi Junyeong: A study on shiitake market in South Korea,

Giulia Corradini: Non-Wood Forest Products in European policies and regulations

Anastasiia Kraskovska: Wild, non-wood, non-timber forest products – optimization of definition for sustainable use and development

Jorge Benitez: Policy frameworks to enhancing the role of non-wood forest products (NWFPs) for achieving SDGs

Burak Sari: Developing empirical models for predicting production of bay leaves (Laurus nobilis)

Patrick Huber: Analysis of the potential of NWFPs for forest owners – a case study comparison

Marko Lovrić: European Non-Wood Forest Products Policy Portal

Photo by Mikhail Anikaev.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonst ration under grant agreement No. 311919

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